12trix is software for studying and drilling elementary school math

The right way to achieve results

No more learning like robots – it's time to learn how to learn.

One of the worst ways to handle difficulties with learning math is only working on technique, rather than helping kids understand, giving them a solid foundation, and building their intuition.

All too often, kids are taught to “identify” the problem type and apply a technique, without truly understanding the problem. Then, they are asked to parrot these problems. That’s exactly what they shouldn’t be doing!

Usually, the reason that kids struggle with mathematics is that they lack a solid understanding. The way to solve this is, of course, by strengthing that foundation – not skirting the issue.

That’s precisely what the 12trix app does, and that’s why it succeeds where tutors, “tricks” and shortcuts fail. We take kids who struggle with math and set them on the path to learning, understanding, and succeeding.

Learning math, differently

We all know that in mathematics, we don’t care just about the result – the way we get there is important, too. At 12trix, we took this understanding one step forward, and we’re giving your kids the option of learning math differently, more enjoyably, and more efficiently. What, then, are the results? Within three months*, your children will start “speaking mathematics”.

 *Average time span, when working at the program’s recommended pace. 

A program that both teaches and runs exercises

Finding more ways to practice math isn’t enough. Often, that’s the problem at all. Children having a hard time with math are already struggling when they learn the material. Drilling material that is unclear to children is like having them knock their heads against a brick wall, and it’s precisely what leads to antagonism and an aversion of studying math.
At 12trix, we made sure that children have another way to study the material, beyond what they do at school. They study math using the constructivist approach, which improves both kids’ comprehension of mathematics and their ability to learn.

Tracking progress and independent usage ability among children

Kid love to succeed, but don’t always love to apply themselves. Most won’t care if they’ve solved a problem seventeen times in the past, or if it’s last year’s material – as long as they succeed. Consequently, parents need to be at their side, every step of the way, as they study and practice, so that they can follow their progress and guide them on their own.

Alternatively, they work with 12trix! It’s a user-friendly program can easily be used by elementary school children, or even kindergarteners. The software guides children to the right kind of practice, it tracks their progress, and it allows them to continue from where they had left off. And what about the parents? Well, they can simply sit by and watch their children with pride.

Combining learning with having fun – that's how you do "positive math"

OK, so this isn’t a game, in the strict sense of the word. It’s educational, learning software that kids use to learn, practice, and build a solid foundation in math, before the fun and games.

On the other hand, when kids stay in the classroom during recess, or give up on watching a TV show, so that they can learn and practice some more math with 12trix, it’s obvious that this learning process is fun and enriching. It’s not just the learning games contained within the software, but also the feeling of success, progress, and independence that learning and drilling with 12 Trix gives the kids.


“I hear Liel talking a great deal about using the website. I can see how important these lessons are to her, and how much fun she has with each math lesson. I was blown away when she told me that she already felt ready to start learning fractions. She used to take no interest in solving math problems, but now, it looks like this method has changed her will to learn. Kudos to you for all of your great work. I appreciate the support you’ve given Liel with math (she even wants to tutor kids in the younger grades in math). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Anyone can get an A in math!

Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise! Over the years, we’ve supported thousands of students who were exasperated when they started learning math. They were getting low grades, and they lacked a basic understanding of the subject matter. Yet with the right guidance, and after building them a strong foundation and boosting their knowledge in the right way, their grades started improving, and some even got the “A+” they so yearned for.

Even if your child is struggling at math, getting low grades, pr has no motivation to continue (after all, who likes failing?)… and even if your child claims to “suck at math”, within just a few months, all that can change. Your child will also get a solid foundation for understanding concepts, enhancing study habits, and developing an intuition for math that will serve him or her through school, and even in high school. And, of course, your child will start getting higher grades.

Anyone can get an A in math!

A few words about the founder of 12trix

Amiram Aricha is an entrepreneur and software engineer by trade, with degrees in computer science and community theater from Tel Aviv University. Later, he was professionally trained at the Institute for Democratic Education. Amiram has been teaching math for over thirty years – ever since he was a high school student. He has taught as a private tutor, as a teacher at a democratic school, at teacher training CPDs, and more.

During the thousands of hours of teaching math that he has amassed, he has come in contact with many kids who were terribly frustrated with math. Their self-confidence was affected, they belittled and undervalued themselves, they had little faith in their ability to succeed, and they were already ready to give up.

Remarkably (those it really shouldn’t surprise us), after getting the right guidance and learning using methods that work for kids at various levels, they started understanding, their grades gradually improves, their self-confidence was restored, and they started speaking a new language – “the language of math”. Amiram’s conversations with colleagues, the studies he conducted, and everything he had observed during his work led him to an unequivocal conclusion: all kids can get A’s in math, as long as they get the right guidance.

This is what led to the development of 12trix, with its revolutionary educational software, trailblazing program, support for parents, tested method, and resolute belief that kids can truly succeed with their schoolwork!

התוכנה תלמד את הילדים, אנחנו נעזור להורים

ייחודי ל 12TRIX: תמיכה והדרכה מלאה להורים

לאחר עשרות שנות ניסיון בהוראת חשבון גם במסגרת ההוראה הפרטית וגם בבתי ספר אנחנו יודעים לספר שכישלון בחשבון יוצר פעמים רבות מצוקה לא רק אצל הילד אלא גם אצל ההורים. מצד אחד, מאד רוצים לעזור, רוצים בטובת הילד, לתת לו את ההזדמנות ואת כל הכלים להצליח.

ומצד שני, רוב ההורים אינם אנשי חינוך או הוראה, ואינם מצוידים בכלים הפדגוגיים והחינוכיים כדי לעזור לילדים. לשם כך, במקביל לשימוש בתוכנה ההורים מוזמנים להצטרף לקבוצות העזרה שלנו. לא רק לתמיכה טכנית בתפעול התוכנה. נספק לכם גם מענה מקצועי לכל שאלה שיש לכם בכל תחום הקשור ללימודי החשבון, הדרכה והכוונה כיצד לעזור לילדים, שיתוף בדרך ובניסיון שלנו ועוד.

סביבה תומכת היא מרכיב משמעותי בהצלחת הילדים, ואנחנו רוצים לתת לכם את כל הכלים לייצר סביבה תומכת לילדים, החל מהתקנת התוכנה ועד השיח המתמטי בבית והיחס לציונים.

Easy to use

Easy to use

This software can be used independently by elementary school children, or even kindergarteners.

A solid foundation of knowledge

A solid foundation of knowledge

The software teaches the children mathematic intuition and the foundations of math. With a good foundation, the rest becomes much easier.

A unique method

A unique method

Based on constructivist learning and dozens of years of math instruction, on all levels.

Support for parents

Support for parents

A community of parents you can consult for technical support, answers to questions on any topic, help coping with challenges, and guidance on creating a supportive environment for kids.

Boosting self-confidence

Boosting self-confidence

The software makes kids feel like they're succeeding, regardless of how fast they progress.

We teach kids how to learn.

We teach kids how to learn.

The software teaches kids study habits, and helps them cope with challenges.

Study and practice

Study and practice

You don't need any tutors. This is the only program that both teaches the material from scratch, and gives your kids effective exercises.

Having fun while learning

Having fun while learning

Learning and drilling with games, and having fun – a method that's right up their alley.

Take action now!

Around the globe, math proficiency has been declining. Computers and calculators are easier to use than ever before, and unfortunately, inadequate classroom instruction and increased computer literacy and availability have also taken a toll on students’ math abilities. Students start to lag behind from a very early age, back in primary school.

Take action now! The longer you wait to improve their math skills, the harder it will be to close the gaps. Help your kids with Trix 12 – a fun, efficient, and proven method for learning math.

Examples of learning games

What's constructivist learning?

Trix12 is based on the constructivist learning method. We know, it sounds like a mouthful, but implementing this method is much easier than pronouncing its name.

So, what is constructivist learning, anyway? To put it briefly (since volumes could be written on the topic), it’s a pedagogical approach that focuses on knowledge acquisition processes. This is hands-on learning. Knowledge is built gradually, and it’s the student who is responsible for knowledge acquisition, not the teacher. Each stage is based on the previous stages.

Using the constructivist learning method, we can both build that solid foundation and develop mathematical intuition based on being inquisitive, and hands-on learning. 

So, why is knowing math important?

Which of you were told, as children, that you need to learn math to figure out how much change you’ll get back? Of course, that’s not why we acquire a knowledge of math and a good foundation. If so, why is knowing math important?

It serves as the foundation for many scientific disciplines, which are based on mathematical knowledge and proficiency.

It creates thought patterns that allow us to solve problems and handle complex situations in all areas of life

It develops learning abilities and intuitions that can be used in any profession

Math skills "open doors" to many fields

Did you notice that we haven’t even mentioned change?  🙂