About 12Trix

12trix is an educational startup specializing in turning kids who struggle with math and arithmetic into outstanding students. 

With our unique software, which is based on a constructivist method that focuses on learning the foundations of mathematics and the logic behind it, we’ve helped kids from around the globe reach impressive achievements at school, making their parents happy, each time anew.

Unlike other methods, this is a tested program that really works, and really produces results. In fact, we’re so confident in its ability to dramatically improve math grades that we’ve decided to because the first and only company in this field that gives its users a full money back warrantee, if this method doesn’t help their kids!

Our vision

We, at 12trix, believe that every child can excel at math.

Our vision is to create a learning environment where all students, including the ones that are still struggling at school, can get A’s in math. Ultimately, we aim to raise the children’s grade point averages everywhere! Our aim is to help students improve how they learn and boost their self-confidence thanks to their success with their schoolwork.

So, who's behind 12trix?

12trix was founded by Amiram Aricha, a software engineer by profession, with a degree in computer sciences and dozens of years of experience teaching math, both as a private tutor and as a teacher at a democratic school and at CPD programs for teachers.

During his fascinating journey in the world of numbers, which began back when he was in high school, Ami helped to dramatically boost the achievements of kids that were struggling, and even “cured” students categorized as dyslexic.

After being exposed to so many kids who were terribly frustrated with having to handle the complexity of math studies, which wreaked havoc on their self-confidence and in their belief in their ability to succeed, Ami started thinking about how he could help them.

By combining the knowledge and experience he had gained teaching math with his experiences with community theater and training through the Institute for Democratic Education in Israel, he was able to come up with a unique method for making math for accessible for children, and it has already had a significant impact on the field.

משחקי חשבון

Math games
Remarkably (those it really shouldn’t surprise us), thanks to proper guidance and learning using methods that work for kids at various levels, grades gradually started to improve, the kids’ self-confidence was restored, and the kids he had taught started “speaking math”. His conversations with colleagues, the studies he conducted, and everything he had been exposed to during his work led Ami to an unequivocal conclusion: all kids can get A’s in math, as long as they get the right guidance.

This is what led to the development of 12trix, with its revolutionary educational software, trailblazing program, support for parents, tested method, and resolute belief that kids can truly succeed! As mentioned earlier, we’re the only ones that give you a full, money-back guarantee if this method doesn’t help your kids, because as far as we’re concerned – everyone can succeed!