Self-learning environment
Math for children

Every child can  learn, succeed and gain confidence.

For some children, the process will take longer.

So what?!

Easy to use

Builds self confidence through success with math

Develops original and creative thinking that will also help kids in other areas

Gives kids a great head start so that they can work in lucrative professions in the future

Support for parents

נקודת פתיחה מצויינת שתוביל בעתיד לעיסוק במקצועות רווחים

תמיכה להורים

Meant for kids in kindergarten and grades 1-4

Learning while having fun, getting motivated, and getting plenty of practice
Nurturing a can-do approach to help your kids succeed in life
Reviewing the exercises to help kids understand them better
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It's time to learn math in a new way.

Our goals in teaching:

  • To allow children to develop their full personal potential
  • To help children succeed in compulsory exams (if any)
  • To encourage and develop creativity
  • To encourage and establish self-learning skills
  • To encourage and develop the ability to deal with problems or questions over time


Principles of teaching:

  • Learning without explanations, only through experience
  • Tailoring teaching to the child’s readiness
  • Full mastery of arithmetic
  • Spiral learning
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • It is desirable to open each topic with a research activity

A unique method

Based on constructivist learning and dozens of years of math instruction, on all levels.


Support for parents

A community of parents where you can get technical support, answers to questions on any topic, help coping with challenges, and guidance on creating a supportive environment for kids.

Boosting self-confidence

The software makes kids feel like they’re succeeding, regardless of how fast they progress


Study and practice

You don’t need any tutors. This is the only program that both teaches the material from scratch, and gives your kids effective drills.


About our self learning environment