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Parents, now’s the time to get to know a real solution
for making progress in math with your family.

As parents to kids learning in a home schooling environment, you’re prepared to go above and beyond to help your kids acquire the knowledge they need in the various subjects, and in math, in particular. However, despite the clear advantages to choosing this path, don’t forget that it also involves a heavy responsibility; you need to be 100% committed to this process, and all too often, this turns out to be much more involved than what you signed up for. 

If you are:

Interested in helping in helping your kids improve their schoolwork independently, under your supervision, without requiring your active involvement

are looking for a method that will develop their ability to think, in the general sense, and about math in particular

want to make the experience of studying math at home more enjoyable for them, and spark their motivation to learn

we would recommend you begin using 12 Trix now within the curriculum you’ve built for them!

Here, at 12trix, an educational startup featuring a unique method of helping children struggling with math to progress, we believe in constructivist learning, in which the knowledge a kid constructs is based on repeated practice using a special program they use to gradually learn how to “speak mathematics”. 

Our method

Our method is based on the considerable experience amassed by entrepreneur Amiram Aricha, an engineer and math tutor who figured out what prevents many students from getting better at their schoolwork. After having greatly helped children who had been seriously struggling with their schoolwork, including kids suffering from learning disabilities, Mr. Aricha realized how much not succeeding can affect their self-confidence, and today, he can point out the difficulties that each child experienced, and how they can be overcome. He consolidated the methods he had used over the years into one trailblazing and holistic method.

 The principles of his methods are:


 Fun learning that encourages kids to practice on a regular base, and boosts their motivation 

Learning from doing, not from explanations

Reviewing the exercises to help kids gain a better grasp of the material

The psychological aspect

Making kids feel capable and confident in themselves, which helps them succeed

Kids learn through 12trix through a game that includes elements of arithmetic, so that the student enjoys while learning and ends up learning the basic concepts on his or her own, while playing a game.  

Through our browser-based application,
they’ll learn the following,  step by step:

Fundamental principles

Adding and subtracting until 100, including breaking down numbers into tens and ones, multiplication and division, including the multiplication table, unknowns and word problems.


Part of a larger whole, addition and subtraction, mixed numbers, expanding and contracting, comparisons, multiplication and division.

Computation speed

Answering questions quickly, finding a common denominator, factoring out, breathing and smiling when dealing with math problems.

About the founder

Amiram Aricha has been a software engineer for the past 25 years. He has degrees in computer science and community theater from Tel Aviv University, and a certificate from the Institute for Democratic Education. Since high school, he has been tutoring children and teens in math and arithmetic. He taught math at a democratic school, at ORT school CPDs, and more. While teaching, he managed to dramatically boost the achievements of students that were severely struggling, and he even “cured” children diagnosed as suffering from dyscalculia.

We're here to help you help your kids!