Revolutionize Math Learning with 12trix

At 12trix, we envision a revolution in math education, transforming it into an enriching and interactive experience. Our commitment is to go beyond digital screens, offering creative activities that foster meaningful interactions and provide parents with valuable tools to support their children’s learning journey.

A Unique Approach to Learning:

We deviate from a rigid lesson sequence, focusing on diverse activities that help children experience mathematical concepts. This approach minimizes resistance, allowing children to grasp new concepts at their own pace without frustration. As a parent, your challenge is to resist the urge to intervene and let the learning process unfold naturally.

Imagine a Stress-Free Learning Experience:

No more arguments about studying, no need to find new ways to explain things, and no endless attempts to motivate your child. Instead, your child will enjoy learning math, experiencing a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll be a partner in their learning adventure.

Key Components of the Program:

  • Activities within the 12trix website
  • Additional weekly activities in the program’s Facebook group
  • Personalized support via Facebook
About the program’s Facebook group

An essential part of the program takes place in a private Facebook group for the families participating in the program

For children

We create a learning journey for children to maximize their personal potential, encourage creativity, promote problem-solving skills over time, and find a personal connection to learning. This is done through a variety of unique activities that we offer at the beginning of each week. Each activity will be accompanied by a post where you can ask questions and share your children's work. We will also include activities where children can play and learn together with other children.

For parents

We have prepared guides for you in the group that cover everything you need to know to plan your child's math learning. You can also consult and get an answer to any question. For example, "Is it okay if my 9-year-old son still counts on his fingers when adding up to 10? What should I do?" or "My child is struggling with column addition, how can I help them?"...

Tailored for Grades 1-3:

Our 3-month program covers various topics with independent and group learning activities, screen-free tasks, challenge puzzles, and more. The structure allows you, as a parent, to decide your level of involvement.

Want to learn more about the program?

  • Lasts 3 months
  • Limited to 50 families
  • 1 month money back guarantee


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