Since we know that our programs work, we’re prepare to give you a 100% money-back guarantee if our software did not help your child!*

If you feel that your child’s math skills haven’t improved, we’ll fully refund your payments, provided that your child had done the exercises through the system throughout the first three months after registration, at least three times a week, and for at least one half hour each time.

Have your child’s grades improved? Great! Send us an e-mail telling us about the experience:

We’ll be happy to continue helping you improve their grades!

 *מתן החזר כספי כרוך בביצוע כל השלבים שלעיל

To get our guarantee, you must first sign up for the program.

The full refund is subject to signing up as a member in the program.

To receive a full refund, the orderer’s means of payment must be honored, and the orderer must hnot have canceled any payment he/she had made