The only 7 subjects a child need to learn the first 6 grades

The strange situation common today

I look and see the unimaginable amount of topics and skills that appear in syllabuses and websites for learning mathematics for grades 1-6. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. 236 math skills for first grade. really? At this age if they add up and subtract numbers up to 20, that’s great. If they also know how to multiply 4 times 3 or divide 12:4, that’s a big wow.

Imagine we have to teach them to walk. And there will be a class for raising the leg by 10 cm, 30 cm, changing balance, activating the knee… we where be lucky if in the end everyone was able to walk. Probably we were busy doing gamification in the hope that we would convince them to learn to walk 🙂

Let’s explore the issue

This is an example of the material your child will learn around the 7th grade.

What does he need to know to be ready to learn it? What are the prerequisites for seventh grade math?

  1. Addition, 
  2. subtraction, 
  3. multiplication, 
  4. division
  5. order of operations
  6. negative numbers
  7. fractions


People, especially children, learn many things naturally. Even if you don’t teach your child to count in jumps of 2, in the 7th grade he will do it without any problem.

If you have complete freedom with the study subjects, don’t exhaust your children with dozens of unnecessary lessons. Mathematics at this age means solving exercises. Focus on it. Of course, it is possible to turn the study of mathematics into an exploratory experience and satisfying challenge. I will try to give you as many tips and guidance as possible on how to do it.

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Fun learning! 


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