Why some children struggle with math

claim Every child, if they start learning math at the right time, when they are naturally ready for it, will not struggle with math. I can’t prove it. But I can tell you that it’s consistent with my experience with hundreds of children. Additionally, it’s consistent with the findings of the Sudbury Valley School, where […]

The problem of using games in learning mathematics at a young age

What?! After all, this is what we are all looking for, how to teach math to children through games, where could there be a problem here? Let me ask you two questions:       2) What message do you convey to a child if you wrap his studies with a game? These are my answers to these […]

We adjust ourselves to the child’s learning pace – really?

My child is in second grade, what should he learn in math? My child is in second grade, what should he learn in math? We were made to believe that the children should be adapted to the curriculum and not the other way around. Do you realize how illogical this is?! Some children are ready […]

The only 7 subjects a child need to learn the first 6 grades

The strange situation common today I look and see the unimaginable amount of topics and skills that appear in syllabuses and websites for learning mathematics for grades 1-6. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. 236 math skills for first grade. really? At this age if they add up and subtract numbers up to […]

4 key principles for planning math education

Hello, As a parent of home-schooled children, you have the responsibility to plan your children’s mathematics education. The early years of learning mathematics will set the tone for the child’s connection to the subject and the level they will be able to achieve in the future. In this article, I will outline the most important […]

5 elements for Building  self confidence in Math

Before we dive into practice it is important to remember that not everyone is born to be a doctor of mathematics, but anyone can succeed in school mathematics. Fear of math is common among many students. It’s a real shame because self-confidence in math = 90% of the success factors.  2 concept that you should […]

Is dyscalculia inborn or acquired?

The experts mistake Almost all the experts will tell you that dyscalculia is congenital. Allow me to disagree with this perception. Personally as a private math tutor I ‘cured’ a 6th grade girl and a 15 year old boy from their ‘congenital dyscalculia’. Even though they were professionally diagnosed. So what’s going on here? In […]

Learning Math without any explanations

Why: If there are no explanations, it is impossible not to understand 🙂 This is exactly how our natural learning works. The mind generalizes a number of experiences into a principle. The more the same type of experience is repeated, the deeper and stronger the learning. This is called constructive learning. It’s worth your while […]

Rethinking Mathematics Education: Embracing the Natural Learning Instinct in Children

introduction: Today, I’ll be unveiling a pivotal error which is the hidden premise in the majority of mathematics curriculums in educational systems across the globe. This overlooked premise serves as a major contributor to the underwhelming performance and disenchantment that countless students encounter while studying mathematics. Fortunately, as home-educators, you’re largely immune to this inherent […]